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Virtual events


For the first time, Village Arts will unite stage and screen with our virtual production of Voices Beyond the Veil: The Story of God, Humanly Speaking, by well-known local playwright Phil Ginsburg. Actors from all over the world perform from their own homes and studios, to bring this film directly to your living room.

This full-length production features 30+ actors speaking as men & women from the pages of scripture to tell the stories of their encounters with the living God. 

“Voices Beyond the Veil is an important work that needs to be read by nearly anyone with an interest in God or the Bible, and I do not say that lightly. This is an undiscovered treasure that needs to be known!”   Linore Burkard, “Regency Author”, Cincinnati, OH

“My book is an attempt to explore the interior lives of the people on the pages of Scripture and have them talk to us. Just talk to us. Who knows what might happen? Hopefully, it could lead to a Divine encounter, much like the people in this book experienced.   

Phil Ginsburg, author, Colorado Springs, CO

Village Arts is a faith-based  nonprofit theatre company.

With each show we produce, we donate a portion of our ticket sales to another charitable organization. The proceeds from Voices Beyond the Veil will go to support the Springs Rescue Mission, an organization that loves and ministers to our homeless neighbors in Colorado Springs. Please give generously and help us support the work they are doing in this difficult time.

SRM-logo (1).png

                              “I’m grateful for a warm, dry, comfortable place like this. And this Mission…treats people like me with respect. They’ve helped me a lot. Their Resource Advocate Program even helped me get my birth certificate and my social security card.”

- Christopher

Featuring the talents of:

Daryll and Thesa Bryant (COS)
Max Kraus (LA, CA)
Duane and Janice Long (Palm Beach, FL)
R. Scott Purdy (Chicago)
Carle Atwater (Atlanta)
Peter Revel-Walsh (London, U.K.)
Hajar Northern (NYC)
Angelique Chase (Statesboro, GA)
Jeff May (Liberty, NC)
Judith Bradshaw (NYC)
Gerry Faraj 

Joaquin Larranaga (Albuquerque)
Andy Anson (London, U.K.)
Earl Franklin (Las Vegas)
Jeremy Holtrop (Suwon, S. Korea)
Yvonne Ikwueke (London, U.K.)
Amanda Susman (COS)
Dave Cook (COS)
Patrick Heraghty (NYC)
John Janett (COS)
Jay Pastelak (Jenkintown, PA)
Levi Roberts (COS)
Terry Stokes (Las Vegas)
Martin and Mary Pearsall (COS)

Terry Dickens (Washington, UT)
John Ramaine (NYC)
Chip Lane (Savannah)
Jamie Foster (COS)
Mary Lichlyter (COS)
Brian Bond (NYC)
Terri Oderman (COS)
Brandon Burke (London, U.K.)
Sue Bachman (COS)
Colin Hughes (COS)
Johanna Steele (COS)
Matthew Gordon (COS)

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