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Imagine Greater: A Devised/ Interactive Theatre Workshop

Imagine Greater

A Devised/ Interactive Theatre Workshop

What is it?

Join GhostLight Ensemble in this fun Devised Theatre workshop! Devised theatre is a unique, collaborative method of creating original theatre pieces in which the script or performance originates from a performing ensemble: the limits to what can be done are up to the imagination! In this workshop, participants will be led in Devised Theatre activities, equipping theatre makers with the basic knowledge on how to devise their own masterpiece. Related forms of theatre, such as Forum Theatre, Documentary Theatre, and Physical Theatre will also be explored.

This workshop is aimed for teachers and directors; however, anyone ready to learn about this fun way of creating theatre is welcome.

The date has been changed from March 2nd and will be announced soon.


Who is Ghostlight?

GhostLight Ensemble made their debut spring of 2018, with their performance of The Real Me is Here Anyway. Since then, this group of young adult actors and artists has been working to make a difference in the lives of young people in Colorado Springs. The group used Forum Theatre in workshops in schools, tackling the topic of emotional intelligence. GhostLight hopes these exciting and unique forms of drama will inspire others to use these tools themselves in the future!


What does “GhostLight” Mean?

A ghost light is a single light on the stage — the crew turns it on when everyone leaves the theatre, so that when they come back, they won’t run into the set pieces in the dark or fall into the orchestra pit. Our team exists to ask questions, tell stories, & shed a light on tough issues that might trip people up. We are a group of young adults who want to make a difference using the tool we’ve been given: the arts. As artists, we express the human experience & build community in a unique way.

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