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The Journey 
A Word from The Author:

"My name is Alyssa Harms, and I am a current student at Oral Roberts University, majoring in Applied Theatre and Pre-occupational Drama Therapy. I’ve been on a journey of discovering how to intentionally use theatre to benefit children and adults’ emotional development. Delving into children's theatre offers numerous benefits for young audiences. It sparks imagination, exposing them to diverse stories and characters fostering empathy and emotional understanding. "

The Story

"The Journey is a one-act play about a young girl's quest to find her "present." Along the way, she meets a cast of charming animal characters: the Bunny, the Lion, and later, the Arctic Wolf, the Fox, and the Robin (all played by one actor). As she faces physical and emotional challenges, the play touches on themes of fear and the importance of asking for help. Audiences are encouraged to find hope in dark times, enjoy life's simple pleasures, and understand the value of giving and receiving support. Through her adventure, the Girl learns important lessons about self-worth, bravery, friendship, the power of being vulnerable, courage, and the power of hope, even in the face of fear and darkness. "

Casting and Show Needs

"The Journey consists of four actors: 

THE GIRL: (8-13, female) Kind and curious protagonist of The Journey. She encounters many obstacles, such as fear, but learns to overcome them with the help of her friends. 

THE BUNNY: (Any age, female) Used to be just a stuffed toy, but now she's full of life, goofy, and a bit silly. She adds humor and music to the story. While helping The Girl, she learns that it’s okay to need help too. 

THE LION: (Any age, male) Wise and kind, he guides The Girl on her journey and brings resolution to the lives of several animals. 

THE ARCTIC WOLF/THE ROBIN/THE FOX: (Any age, male or female) 

The Arctic Wolf: Quiet and scared, finds it hard to say how they really feel. 

The Robin: Always looking for the "best" and brings laughs with their silly behavior. The Fox: Quick to anger and afraid, but starts to find hope and freedom. 

For anyone interested, I am also seeking skilled volunteers for set painting, costume, and prop design, or anyone with stage management experience interested in a stage management position. This project could require a lot of help, so anyone interested, would be highly appreciated and welcome!" -Alyssa Harms, Author. 

Questions? Reach out at:

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